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Measuring For Control And Efficacy

DCmWhen it comes to metering the are many consideration the end user will place on the installer or consultant designing the system. Critical to the end user will be easy of access to the data that will govern the decisions they need to make for the efficient use and operation of plant, machinery and crucially to save energy.

The Frer range of Multifunction meters offer a high accuracy, cl.2 as standard, across the entire range of meters. The NANO and QUBO range are the have the same measuring capabilities and menus structure across the entire product line.

The NANO range in a DIN 45 case for DIN rail mounting offers a clear precise and easy to read display, with MODbus as standard on all NANO-H version. Similarly, the 72 mm Q72P3H005, and the Q96P3H005 96 mm are available with MODbus, but retaining the same clear simple common menu structure and the same MODbus registry. The accurate monitoring of the network is only the start of the ease of use that the Frer product line can offer, the onward communication can be into the FRERLOGGER data package, which is installed by the user inside their firewall and has no ongoing fees or data handling issues. The data is always in the possession of the client.

The Frer range of communication and interface modules, allow a very easy interface with the MODbus network and the software, offering a straightforward and easy to install ethernet port for the communication of the system data to the facility manager or supervisor. The ethernet port can be fitted inside the Q96P3H005 and other MODbus enabled devices can be connected to it, with it acting as the master. The 96mm QUBO can also have IEC61850 installed for use on utility installations. The MCILAN485G is available with optional internal memory which will retain system data in the event of a loss of connection to the host PC. For an installation where a simple local interface is required to monitor the system periodically Frer offer the MCIUSB485X32A Modbus to USB converter.

These monitoring of networks is no restricted to AC single or 3 phase systems, as Frer manufacturer a range of DC multifunction meters which will provide accurate data on the parameters on a battery system. For further protection of the system Frer offer the X35DL3 Type A earth leakage relay as well as the X35DB3 Type B earth leakage relays. The X35xxx variants are DIN rail mounted but they also come in a DIN48 and DIN72 case for panel mounting. Modbus is widely available on these devices.

Frer are a true European manufacture of a comprehensive range of LVD measuring products. From their two factories outside Milan the manufacture CTs, VTs, analogue and digital instruments, transducers, Earth leakage relays and much more,


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