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The NANO Series By FRER, Multifunction Compact Network Analysers, Suitable For Use In Three-phase, Single-phase or Direct Current

frer nanoThe NANO series of multifunction network analysers allows the visualization of the main quantities of an electrical network, including active and reactive bi-directional energy counting.

The size of the digits and the backlight of the display adjustable on 5 levels of intensity allow a clear display of the measured quantities, even from a considerable distance and in any light condition. To reduce costs and wiring times, 4 versions have been introduced with input via triple miniaturized CT from 63 - 125 - 160 and 250A.Input from standard current transformers 1 A or 5 A is also available as well for higher current values.

The front buttons guarantee high practicality of use. The sequence of the measures that can be displayed is indicated on the relative buttons, which, pressed repeatedly, allows simple and clear access to the respective pages.

It has an additional set of "advanced" measures that allow more efficient monitoring, or that provide additional information on the operating status of the system.

For single-phase systems, with miniaturized CT at 63 A and display sequence dedicated to this application.

Easy To Install And Read
"The NANO series was the start of the renewal of the FRER network analyser range, followed by the new flush-mount versions QUBO (96x96 and 72x72). NANO was immediately very successful because of its practicality of installation and easy of reading. Its small size, only 3 DIN modules. Innovative is above all the solution with miniaturised CTs that has solved the problem of positioning the current transformers. The design is such that the CT matches up to the standard spacing for breakers of the available rated currents, this allows the assembly directly above or below, reducing time and installation costs. All this without forgetting the great precision, with the class 0.5 for the basic and Mono versions, class 0.2 for the H and DC versions and the possibility of having as options the Modbus communication and the alarm/pulse outputs that can be used for load control".


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