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Revolutionary Advanced Panel Meter Launched by Trumeter

Trumeter APMWorldwide, innovative, design and manufacturing company, Trumeter Technologies Ltd, have spent the last two years developing the latest Advanced Panel Meter (APM), with the emphasis on a product that is easy to use and easy to read.

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You Can’t Get Faster Than A Quick-fit Meter

EM270 quick-fit meterCarlo Gavazzi has launched its latest energy meter which speeds up installation time dramatically when compared to existing methods thanks to its innovative features which allow a 3 phase energy meter and its current transformers to be installed 5-10 times faster.

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ABB Survey Reveals Attitudes to instrumentation

A survey by ABB into the use of process instrumentation has produced a snapshot of how process instrumentation users employ their instruments, as well as their thoughts on the use of intelligent instrument and their attitudes to upgrading and investing in their control systems.

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