Mobile Marking With The Marking app For Smartphone And Tablet

pc appThe “marking system” app from Phoenix Contact provides a quick and easy way for users to find appropriate marking solutions for any requirement, create markings, and print them on a compatible Phoenix Contact printer.

Featuring particularly user-friendly and context-sensitive menu navigation, the free app is available in 19 languages and enables an efficient marking process for every application.

With the help of the integrated assistants, marking material can be selected quickly and easily from more than 3000 marking solutions for three different marking technologies. Once the appropriate material has been found, the individual, application-specific marking solution can be designed quickly – without requiring any specialist knowledge. The ability to create the necessary marking directly on site is a particular advantage when carrying out service call-outs where components need to be marked retrospectively. The mobile printer is controlled via Bluetooth from a cellphone or tablet with Android or iOS operating system. The label templates that are created can also be stored for future applications.

The app is available both online and offline. Automatic updates ensure that the latest software version is always available.


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