How Industry 4.0 Is Impacting The MAC Sector

saftronicsSaftronics were established in 1979, and from the very beginning we have tried to put ourselves at the forefront of MCC, Control Panel and LV Switchboard development.

We strive to be industry leaders, and to provide our customers with unique, cutting edge solutions that will serve them not just now, but well into the future.

We are currently on the precipice of Industry 4.0. We’re sure you’re more than aware of what it is, but just in case, the term Industry 4.0 refers to the smart digitisation of industry and manufacturing. By connecting devices and machines through an internet of things, we are now able to pull more accurate, real time data than ever before, and then use this data to refine our processes.

There main two industries that are currently championing smart technology and industry 4.0 are logistics and manufacturing. But, as the benefits unfold and processes improve we predict that all industries will adapt and upgrade to industry 4.0 compatible equipment in time.

MAC (Mining, Aggregates and Cement) is one such industry that is primed to be able to put smart, connected devices, to great use. Part of the reason why is that mines have an expiry date: there will come a time when the resources from any given mine are depleted and the mine has to close. To make the most out of the time and resources available, it is vital that mines be as efficient as possible to minimise wastage and improve productivity. Industry 4.0 ready equipment is a key part of this.

Of course, Industry 4.0 is at the cutting edge of technological advancements. To be able to take advantage of it your devices, including MCCs, LV Switchboards and Control Panels must be Industry 4.0 capable and compatible. To be able to manufacture them a company must be able to demonstrate a large amount of technical expertise. Something Saftronics have long championed.

At Saftronics we believe in nurturing talent and knowledge from within. Our technical director started working with us 35 years ago as an apprentice. As we grow and evolve, our staff grow and evolve with us. It is also a matter of pride for us to be good at what we do.

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