Mersen, Expert In Solutions For Power Electronics Management Presented Its New Products At PCIM Europe 2019

mersen fusesMersen participated again this year at PCIM Europe the major international tradeshow for Power Electronics in Europe.

In addition to presenting latest Mersen innovations Mersen hostrd both Idealec (a recognized designer and manufacturer of laminated bus bars) and FTCAP (specialist in development and production of capacitors), two companies acquired by the Mersen group in 2018. With these acquisitions, the company has strengthened its position as a global provider of Solutions for Power Management. Following Mersen product innovations will be exhibited:

The future of protection for EV and battery storage applications
Following the increasing demand for e-Mobility renewable energies and smart-grid, both Electric Vehicle (EV) and Electrical Energy Storage (EES) sectors are among the top fastest-growing industries in today’s electrical power markets. Mersen offers a wide range of products and solutions covering all aspects of battery safety and power management.

DC Fuse, now up to 1,500 VDC
EVpack-fuse (battery pack fuse) and M-fuse (battery module fuse) are ultra-fast-acting DC fuses designed to address specific needs in EV/HEV and battery storage systems.. With complete protection from 100 up to 1000VDC and up to 600A with Minimum Breaking Capacity (MBC) < 3kA for a perfect matching with DC contactors, these fuse families have been fully tested in DC conditions to guarantee fast and reliable protection for large fault currents.

Mersen Protistor® series now offers battery storage DC protection, up to 1500VDC and ampacity exceeding 3500A.

Hybrid pyro-fuse and power relay
Xp series is based upon a pyrotechnic heart associated with a fuse offering very fast operating time, extremely low watt losses, and high cycling performances up to 1000VDC. Xs series is a resettable DC power switching relay. The newly introduced lines of hybrid protection provide superior cycling capability and fast high-fault clearing at high DC voltages while maintaining low to virtually no power loss over the entire DC voltage and current range.

Monitoring busbar for battery cell connection and sensing
Mersen Smart Busbar technology offers high power signal connection and small signal sensing (individual cell voltage and local temperature), both embedded in a single busbar. This ensures an easy assembly process, no wring error and a high resistance to shocks and vibrations

Air and water cooling solutions for latest IGBT and SiC generations
The IsoMAXX innovative design has been developed for improving thermal management of latest generation of PrimePACK™ IGBT power modules. The IsoMAXX has better thermal performances and a lower pressure drop than existing cold plate designs. Its compact design offers a modular solution for all PrimePACK™ types, whatever the number of modules on the plate.

MeHP: Mersen Embedded Heat-Pipe high power density electronics air-cooling heat-sink is the best-in-class custom air cooling method for higher power density modules (IGBT & SiC). It is a cost and weight effective cooling solution vs. copper air cooled heat sinks. Extremely robust against thermal cycling and shock & vibes, it is maintenance-free.

High reliability busbar
Mersen has just released MHi-T105 and MHi-T130 series, a new busbar family offering a fully qualified interconnection solution up to 105°C and 130°C respectively. MHi-T180 is also available for testing purpose for any SiC-based electronics now reaching 180°C junction T° (Tj).

All Mersen busbars are rated low-partial discharge and are manufactured under proven design rules leading achieving low-PD, up to 5kV. Testing capability goes up to 20kV.

FTCAP and Idealec exhibit as Mersen
This year FTCAP and Idealec exhibit together with Mersen at PCIM Europe.

Now hosted on Mersen newly redesigned 150m² extended booth, FTCAP provided an overview of high quality advanced aluminum electrolytic capacitors, film capacitors and custom solutions, which fits perfectly in the Mersen portfolio. Visitors had the chance to learn about planned modules consisting of FTCAP capacitors and busbars and heat sinks from Mersen.

The integration of the renowned technical expertise of Idealec’s team strengthens Mersen’s position as a preferred partner for the power electronics market, particularly in the energy and rail sectors.


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