Weidmuller Cabinet Products Spotlight

terminalsCompact terminals for power applications
From just 20 mm wide and featuring time-saving push-in connection technology, the A2C 50/70 & A2C 95/120 feed-through terminals from Weidmüller are an ideal choice for use with high-current cables in modern control panels where space is always at a premium.

The terminals are rated 150 A and 232A respectively at up to 1000 V AC (1500 V DC) and can accommodate flexible or solid conductors up to 120 mm2. More Information

aapAAP terminals for compact distribution
Terminals in the Klippon® AAP11 and AAP12 ranges provide a compact, convenient and cost-effective solution in applications where it is necessary to provide power distribution to multiple loads. The products combine the input feed connection with the load connections in a single slim terminal, saving valuable space in control panels and terminal boxes. They are available as a 6 mm2 input feed connection plus six 1.5 mm2 load connections and as a 10 mm2 input feed connection plus four 2.5 mm2 load connections.
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Space-saving Type I surge protection
VaritectorThe Varitector PU AC 1 S-Line surge protectors from Weidmüller provide Type 1 protection with a discharge current of up to 25 kA in a module that is just 17.8 mm wide – half the width of other products with a similar rating on the market. The competitively priced modules also offer fuseless operation up to 315 A which, in many applications, allows further cost and space savings to be achieved by eliminating the need for an upstream protection device.
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Interface relays in the TERMSERIES range are available in solid-state and electromechanical versions that are just 6 mm wide, saving valuable space in control panels. They provide galvanic isolation and interfacing to suit almost any application. TERMSERIES is now available with PUSH IN as well as screw and spring-clamp connections.
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D-series miniature relaysd series
The D-series miniature electromechanical relays are reliable and cost-effective relays, and are available with control voltages from 12 V to 230 V, with switching currents up to 30 A, in versions with one to four changeover contacts. Options include integrated LED status indicators and test buttons. The relays are complemented by accessories that include cross connectors and markers. Plug-in bases for all types are available with push-in or screw connections.
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sil3SIL3 safety relays with integral monitoring
Integrated line and load monitoring, separate alarm and diagnostic outputs and local LED status indicators are key features of the latest addition to the SIL3 range of safety relays. The relays also have an exceptionally wide operating temperature range of -40 to + 70 ºC without derating and carry both ATEX and UL approvals for use in hazardous environments. The SCS 24VDC P1SIL3ES LL safety relay has been developed specifically for ‘energise to safe’ applications in the process industry. More Information

Cutting the cost of distributed control with ECO Couplersbus coupler
Users of Weidmüller’s popular and versatile u-remote distributed I/O system can make significant cost savings by adopting the company’s ECO range of bus couplers. Available in PROFINET, EtherCAT and Modbus TCP versions, the cost-effective ECO couplers are an ideal choice for use in machine building and other straightforward applications where the advanced functionality and features provided by the standard bus couplers in the u-remote range are not required.
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klippon connectComplete freedom of choice over connection technology

The Klippon Connect portfolio offers a free choice of connection technology enabling users to select terminals to meet the demanding requirements of different industries all from a single source. Users can select from screw clamp, the most widely used technology, and stud terminals through to spring clamp, and the newest PUSH IN connection technology. All have their own features and benefits, but crucially, all designs separate the mechanical and electrical functions which means gas tight, vibration proof and maintenance free connections across all technologies. So, the choice really is yours!
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