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New Guide Describing Installation of Ex nA Instrumentation in Zone 2

BEKA publish a new application guide describing installation of Ex nA instrumentation in Zone 2. As there is no published Code of Practice describing the requirements for the safe installation of Ex nA instrumentation in Zone 2 hazardous areas, BEKA have produced a 26 page Application Guide AG310.

This describes the philosophy of Zone 2 apparatus and how extra low voltage Ex nA certified instrumentation may be safely installed in these low risk areas. Written by safety guru Chris Towle, the guide discusses current IECEx and ATEX standards, constructional requirements, installation, documentation and inspection. Of particular interest is the use of Ex nA certified apparatus with instruments using other protection techniques. The guide explains how an Ex nA loop powered indicator in Zone 2 may be safely used to monitor the output from a Zone 1 Ex d transmitter, simplifying installation and reducing cost.

Although using BEKA 4/20mA loop powered indicators to illustrate recommended installation practice, the examples in this new Application Guide apply to most low voltage Ex nA certified apparatus.


Download Application Guide AG310 here

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