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Woehner MOTUS®ContactronControl Where Less Is More

MOTUS®ContactronControlSmall drives and motors with a power output of up to 4kW are frequently used in control technology and machine design. In the process, sometimes both directions (forward/reverse) need to be controlled and the drives have to be protected against possible errors.

It must also be ensured that they can be reliably and safely shut off through an external Emergency Stop function in the event of a breakdown. MOTUS®ContactronControl from Wohner combines these four important requirements into one device.

The MOTUS®ContactronControl is an extraordinary durable innovation due to its hybrid switching technology, resulting in a smooth switching function. The built-in semiconductor switches without wear. The continuous current is carried by a mechanical contact. This keeps the load on the mechanical switching element extremely low, allowing the size of the relay to be considerably reduced. The combination of overload, short-circuit and safety function, integrated into a single device, also guarantees minimal connection effort.

The MOTUS®ContactronControl relies on CrossLink Technology. The device is supplied with an adapter for the 60mm-system compact, for the 60mm-System classic or for DIN rail mounting. With all versions, the contacts of the CrossLink adapter remain covered to protect them from being touched when the electronics module is removed.

Flexibility is guaranteed through three current sizes, Within the range of 0.075A to 9A, these devices can be finely adjusted. In case of an overload or short-circuit, the built-in electronics safely shut the unit down. In special fault cases, the integrated fuses provide additional protection. The fuses are simply exchanged and the device is ready to go again. Furthermore, with the UL approval, the requirements for the North American market are fulfilled.

The 4 Primary Functions:
Forward-rotation: Control is effected simply through a 24 VDC signal.
Reverse-rotation: The reversing function includes an interlock circuit and load wiring.
Motor-protection: The motor protection relay provides convenient protection with its automatic mode and remote reset.
Emergency Stop: The integrated safety function allows use in safety-related applications.

SmartWire-DT™ with MOTUS
In order to couple energy distribution and information exchange together, the MOTUS®ContactronControl can optionally be provided with a pluggable SmartWire-DT™ bus module. This allows access to power reserves and increase the safety of the system. Important energy parameters are recorded, evaluated and processed in a timely manner both locally and at the central location. Powerful gateways allow this to be done from any location in the world. SmartWire-DT™ also facilitates direct access - as required: Necessary actions in the distribution system can be undertaken through bus technology.


Download the MOTUS®ContactronControl brochure here

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