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Security Router for Enhanced Protection of Machine Networks

Phoenix Contact MGuardThe MGuard family of security routers from Phoenix Contact is now available in a rugged metal housing. The new generation of routers sets itself apart as a result of its user friendliness and scalable range of functions.

Special features of the new devices include the extended operating temperature range and the optional configuration memory.

They have an SD card slot for easy device replacement as well as connectors for a VPN enabling switch and VPN status displays. The attractively priced security modules of performance class 2000 are optimised for basic routing and/or simple remote maintenance applications demanding a high level of security. The simple firewall controls the data traffic if required. In addition to the routing functions, the security modules of the MGUARD 4000 performance class offer the full functional scope in terms of firewall and VPN.

Based on a hardened Embedded Linux operating system, the RS 4000 series has four complementary security components:

•    A bidirectional Stateful Inspection firewall
•    A flexible NAT router
•    A highly secure VPN gateway
•    Optional protection against malware using CIFS Integrity Monitoring

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