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Print Engraved Plate Alternatives With The Brady BMP61 Label Printer

BMP61Brady Corporation offers an identification solution that can remove the hassle with engraved plates once and for all. The Engraved Plate Replacement label is specifically designed to replace engraved and plotted plates on electrical components, cabinets, push buttons and control panels.

Cost effective
Brady's Engraved Plate Replacement label resembles engraved plates both in looks and thickness, but at a lower price. Stocks of engraved plates are no longer required, as users can easily print an engraved plate alternative in a variety of sizes with the BMP61 Label Printer whenever they are needed.

A wide range of applications
label printingEngraved plate replacement labels are a cost effective alternative to identify control panels, patch panels, electrical cabinets, switches, push buttons, signal lights, start/stop buttons, instrumentation, production lines and racks. The label has a good abrasion, chemical, temperature and UV-resistance and is equipped with a quality adhesive, suitable for rough and uneven surfaces.

A label for your needs
The rugged, thermal transfer BMP61 Label Printer is compatible with 600 labels and ribbons. Each combination represents a durable identification solution designed to endure extreme contexts and to keep cables and components identified in the most demanding industries. BMP61 can print sleeves, self-laminating labels, engraved plate replacement labels, tags and even customer specific labels in a vast range of materials, sizes and colours up to 50.80 mm wide. With its high performance label materials that can handle the toughest industrial identification applications, the BMP61 Label Printer is a durable partner in the field and a dependable workhorse in the shop.


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