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ABB’s DBL Distribution Block Frees Up Space And Speeds Up Assembly

ABB distribution blocksLeading control cabinet manufacturer Ruiju Machinery selects DBL distribution block for improved operational efficiency

ABB’s new DBL distribution terminal block is helping a Chinese company transform the design of its specialist control cabinets used in plastic extrusion production throughout China. The compact DBL module requires 50 percent less installation space and cuts assembly time by 80 percent.

Ruiju Machinery Co Ltd of Nanjing is a key supplier of control cabinets for plastic extruders across China. The energy intensity of extrusion processes means that efficient, reliable power distribution is essential. Ruiju Machinery’s electrical cabinets help make extrusion processes safer and more stable for a wide range of industries.

David Lin, product marketing director, Electrification Products division from ABB China commented: “ABB’s new DBL distribution terminal block is a compact module that replaces bulky, traditional copper bars and their related accessories. The innovative solution provides simplified connections and increased safety.”

ABB’s new DBL distribution terminal block enabled Ruiju Machinery to replace the copper bar solution the company had been using, resulting in improved performance and greater cabinet space for new functionalities and configurations.

Ruiju Machinery’s general manager, Li Zumin, said: “To make our electrical distribution more reliable and convenient, we were looking for a way to maximize space and productivity, while reducing costs and installation times. ABB’s DBL distribution block was the ideal solution.

“DBL has significantly increased the cabinet’s available space and the configuration of other components is now easier. DBL has helped us solve these problems and makes the layout of the cabinet neat and professional.”

Wiring the DBL is safe and easy, with no need for accessories, reducing the time required for connections and speeding up the production process. These improved efficiencies all lead to cost savings of up to 30 percent from reduced assembly time and lower inventory expense.

DBL also ensures safe and reliable operation of the whole control cabinet. The DBL distribution block is a high-performance product that changes the traditional power distribution schematic.

With its IP20 touch-proof design for exceptional safety, DBL can be used as a single-pole, multi-pole or grouping splitter for distributing or combining power. By accommodating these three configurations in one product, DBL reduces wiring inventory and saves additional time. Compatible with copper and aluminum wires, DBL can be mounted on a DIN rail or directly at the bottom of the panel for improved installation efficiency. Each of the various DBL models allows from eight to 12 connections.

All data and specifications can be read on the module’s cover, and the reversible cover plate can be flipped open in either of two directions for easy access. The wiring and identifications inside the module are clearly and conveniently arranged.

Safety and quality are absolute priorities in extrusion production. To ensure the stability of the protection and control loops, Ruiju also uses ABB’s molded-case circuit breakers, motor starters, contactors, fuse sets, relays and push-in spring terminals.


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