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New 185Power Brochure Available from Wöhner

185power brochureIn the early 1980s Wöhner presented its innovative 60mm busbar system technology. The technology became the industry standard in Europe and is gaining broad acceptance in diverse markets around the globe.

Innovation and improved design in pursuit of electrical safety and efficiency have been the hallmark of the Wöhner 60mm busbar system. The introduction of the 185Power system in 2014 will continue the success in a new dimension.

Touch-Safe Protection Right From The Start
The base of 185Power are the busbar supports which can be adjusted to various busbar widths. These allow the possibility for a drill-free mounting of flat bars. Thanks to the industrial production of 50mm and 100mm CrossLink® touch-safe protection covers, custom fabricated solutions are a thing of the past. The guidance of the CrossLink® busbar covers allows for an easy, safe positioning and connection of components at any time. The risk of an externally initiated arc is minimised.

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