More Profit For Panel Builders With The G2RV-SR Electromechanical Relay

G2RV SROmron recently introduced G2RV-SR, a new 6mm electromechanical relay, replacing a highly popular standard unit.

But this was no simple upgrade, the new G2RV-SR has been developed for the Panel Solution offer as the core of the Value Design Products and Omron, has packed the new slim relay with an impressive array of time-saving features. For example, the new relay has Push-In Plus technology, which reduces wiring time by more than half; it has a dedicated test button for faster, easier diagnostics; it has transparent housing and a mechanical indicator for faster checking of the contact state; and it has a strong mechanical pin with a larger contact surface for better conductivity. And that’s just the start, the new G2RV–SR has many more new time-saving features. But why has Omron built all this innovation into what essentially is a basic component?

To help panel builders save time
“For many years Omron has worked closely with panel builders across the globe,” says Manuela Mazza, Omron’s European Product Marketing Manager Switching Components. “And over that time we have come to understand not only the drivers of the panel building business but also the opportunities for optimizing profit. We understand that these are very competitive times and that every moment saved during panel assembly is money in the bank. That’s why we are now, more than ever, dedicated to building in time saving features into all panel components, including the humble electromagnetic relay.”

Faster mounting
Among the most impressive time saving features is the new top and bottom mounting levers. To mount the G2RV-SR you can keep both levers closed, but to dismount it easily you now only need to open one lever – effectively reducing mounting time by a factor of two. This feature also means that the relay can be mounted upside down for multiple options.

Better visibility
All movable parts are now colored white and are easier to see in the dark, this makes assembly faster, helps avoids mistakes and reduces maintenance.

Half the wiring time
Omron’s own Push-In Plus technology also features in the new relay. This not only reduces wiring time by 60%, it also improves reliability thanks to a much stronger connection than screw type terminals, which has more resistance to vibration.

25% smaller
The new G2RV-SR is much smaller than the previous model and so it free-up space in the panel for additional functionality.

Smarter circuit checking
A special latching lever reduces time spent on circuit time, operation confirmation and inspection work. The protective cover also prevents incorrect operation.

Easier labelling
All your wiring codes are now clearly visible from the front of the relay, making maintenance faster.

Ultra-fast PLC connection
A choice of one frontal PLC interfaces (8 or 16 channels) or a I/O Relay Terminal with Push-in Plus technology (16 channels) further reduces connection time.

A tradition of “attention to detail” innovation
Anyone who is familiar with Omron products and services will not be surprised by all this attention to a relay. Although these units are often viewed as rather basic elements, their role is crucial to the trouble-free running of a plant. Omron has been designing and manufacturing relays for well over 50 years and has grown to become the world’s largest single-brand relay manufacturer. The outstanding performance of these relays is the result of careful design considerations and a complete commitment to quality.

Today globally, Omron sells 25 relays every second, 24/7. That’s 800 million per year. So not surprisingly, it is well within the company’s core business interests to ensure it continues to offer the best possible relay solutions. And by doing so, it is helping to create more profit for panels builders across the globe.


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