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Take Your First Steps Into Industry 4.0 Using PLC+HMI

Unitronics’ latest innovation is your entry point to Industry 4.0

one integrated solutionUnitronics the leading manufacturer of PLC + HMI All-in-One controllers, launched last year one of the leading protocols - MQTT, adding another piece into the industry 4.0 puzzle.

Lightweight, simple, MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) runs over TCP/IP, based on a publish- subscribe structure. As part of UniStream programmable controllers line, MQTT supports as a 'client' that can both publish and subscribe to messages.

In addition to MQTT, UniStream series support a range of communication channels and protocols that supply the connectivity required by Industry 4.0 including SQL, built-in webserver that enables the controller to be accessed via any browser, and more.

Why Leading OEMs Prefer Unitronics?

MQTT DiagramChoosing the right vendor for your PLC is key to the success of your project.

Here are 5 reasons why Unitronics is the smart choice for your project today, and your ongoing success tomorrow.

  1. All-in-One PLC with HMI 

Deliver a single, compact device for both display and control

Unitronics the pioneer and leader in enabling all-in-one programmable logic controllers with integrated HMI. An all-in-one solution means just one device is needed for both the operating panel and PLC controller, bringing you significant time and cost savings:

  • Less wiring
  • Unified software programming for PLC + HMI
  • BOM reductions
  1. Powerful Software – At No Extra Charge 

Slash your development time by up to 50%

Another industry-first by Unitronics is the all-in-one programming environment and utilities suite that dramatically reduces programming and setup time. What’s more, Unitronics provides all its software – and updates – at no additional charge, so your costs are known upfront.

User-friendly and intuitive, the software is easy to master, enabling an efficient project from day one.

  • Reusable – Program once, use in multiple projects
  • Configuration-oriented
  • Rich graphical HMI design environment
  • Supports IoT and Industry 4.0
  1. Outstanding Support – Built-in

Personalized, expert support without fees or tiers

Unitronics set the industry benchmark for service by providing best-of-breed technical support to every user at no additional cost. Every question is answered by an experienced support professional, and the same team of experts provides continuous coverage across every stage of your project.

  • No added fees, tiers, or hoops to jump through
  • Free technical forum membership
  • Rich resource of webinars, videos and tutorials
  1. Complete Range of PLCs

Get the exact right PLC solution for your project

Unitronics offers an extensive range of PLCs & HMI panels, to meet diverse requirements for everything from complex machines to simple control solution.

  1. Award-Winning Market Leader

Don’t take just our word for it

As an international company with almost 30 years’ experience and over 1 million installations, Unitronics has earned the respect and admiration of industry experts and customers around the world. Unitronics is your clear choice for innovation, quality and service.

Awards include:

  • Control – Engineer’s Choice award: winner every year 2013 -2017
  • Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Awards 2016: Product Line Strategy Leadership Award.
  • Golden Mousetrap –Automation & Control – Controllers, Winner 2016

To learn more, head to Unitronics website: