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Save Time and Hassle with One Integrated Solution For Control & Automation

integrated solutionBuilding new machines for today’s factories requires sophisticated control and automation that can only be delivered through multiple solutions and components – including a PLC, HMI, VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) and Servo.

As all components must be integrated, selecting the right combination is crucial to the efficiency and success of the machine development project.

Why risk multi-vendor complexity?
Researching different products from multiple companies can be a major drain on time as well as confusing, with different offers and delivery schedules. And, when you have questions or issues with integrating the components, how do you identify the root of the problem? Which vendor do you call for support? It almost always carries high costs in time, effort and hassle at every stage of the process.

Choose single-vendor simplicity
Unitronics’ integrated solution offers an easy way to avoid hassles, save time, and be confident that everything will work together exactly as you need it to, while still enjoying a wide choice of components and configurations.
All-in-one approach means dealing with only one vendor – which translates to less research time, simplified ordering, coordinated delivery, and a single point of contact for support. There’s no legwork to find the source of a problem, and no finger-pointing between vendors.
With one integrated solution comprising PLC, HMI, VFD, Servo and related components, all programming can be done at once in an all-in-one environment. You benefit from:

• Short learning curve
• Simplified workflow
• Assured integration

Unitronics’ one integrated solution includes the following components and options:

solutionComplete range of PLC & HMI controllers
Unitronics' PLCs are field-proven in factories worldwide. Easy to use, efficient, and affordable, Unitronics controllers have been automating processes, systems, and stand-alone applications in diverse fields for over 30 years.

You can choose from three major PLC product series:

UniStream®PLC – A multi-function controller that matches a vast range of application requirements, the UniStream PLCS provides users with advanced communication support, including Industry 4.0, and introduces a unique concept in Virtual HMIs.

UniStream PLC combines two technologies in one product:
• Virtual HMI- As an Industry first, the PLC stores and runs the program logic as well as the HMI user application within the PLC itself. This brings you a unique advantage: you can view and operate your machine, or access your process via any mobile phone, PC, or remote display device.
• Controller Hardware – The powerful controller has built-in I/Os that can be expanded for more than 2,000 I/Os, including digital, analog, high-speed and temperature, as well as communication modules supporting Modbus, Ethernet/IP, MQTT, SQL, SNMP, and others.

UniStream®PLC+HMI – Powerful controllers target complex machine application projects. In addition to high-performance features such as Trends, auto-tuned PID, and multi-level password protection, UniStream offer an embedded webserver and support advanced communications protocols required by smart factories, including MQTT and SQL.
Vision™ PLC+HMI – Range from palm-sized controllers with built-in I/O to large-screen controllers with snap-in I/O. A true workhorse, Vision controllers are reliable, versatile, and field-hardened.
Samba™ PLC+HMI – All-in-one PLC+HMI+I/Os provide a highly cost-effective full-function controller, ideal for simple machines on a budget.

I/Os & Remote I/Os
Unitronics I/O options include digital, analog, high-speed and temperature. A new line of Remote I/Os is also available, including an Ethernet-based Remote I/O adapter and a broad range of Remote I/O modules. Each of the Remote I/O modules offers a different configuration of analog and digital I/Os.

Full range of Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)
Unitronics VFDs can be used as a standalone product or integrated together with Unitronics controllers. Offering options for both single and three phase, these VFDs include:
• Built-in EMI filters  • Modbus RTU fieldbus
• Broad range of operating temperatures  •Sensorless vector and torque control
• Built-in braking units  • STO (safe torque off)
• Heavy-duty overload capacity  • Wall, flange, and rail mounting options

You can operate, monitor, or debug VFDs via the controller's integrated HMI panel, or via Unitronics’ Remote Access, Web Server, or VNC connection using Unitronics’ software.

AC Servo: Drives & Motors
The company line of AC Servo drives has an innovative approach that brings time-saving benefits to motion control: Servo made Simple:
• Automatic communication setup: absolutely seamless
• Minimal room for error: UniLogic software analyzes mechanical properties & recommends safe values for your application
• Tuning & Diagnostics: Single-parameter tuning - view servo run-time performance via built-in high-speed scope
• No coding needed! Use Ready-Made Motion code to test your system
• Embedded Diagnostic tools: no PC needed.
• Ready-Made Motion code: simply open and edit as needed

All-in-One programming software
Unitronics® award-winning software- UniLogic®, an all-in-one software that cuts your programming time up to 50%, by predicting the programmer's intentions and reusing written code.

UniLogic offers a faster, easier solution to oem's and system integrators as all tasks of the: PLC, HMI, VFD & Servo, can be programmed using the same software environment. You can configure hardware & communications, program Ladder, design HMI & web pages, configure & control VFDs and Servo using one software environment.

Added value for Industry 4.0, IIoT, and OT to IT
In today’s production environments, OT and IT are no longer distinct domains. Even if your customers are not yet leveraging inter-device and cloud connectivity for production monitoring, predictive maintenance and big-data analytics, you can be sure they will soon be. Unitronics’ integrated solution supports MQTT, VNC, FTP, web server, email, and SQL clients, allowing the data connectivity that is vital to Industry 4.0 and IIoT.

The bottom line: fast, easy and cost-effective
Unitronics’ integrated solution for control and automation offers the best of two worlds: broad choice and flexibility in choosing solution components together with the simplicity and time-savings benefits of All-in-One programming software.

The company customer's benefit from an award-winning PLCs, HMIs panel, VFDs, I/Os, Motion Control, along with broad communication support, including Industry 4.0.

Unitronics’ standard policy of customer care means that there are no hidden costs. All software, utilities, and support – are provided at no additional charge.


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