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Is There A Future For The PLC?

Change defines the world. The current challenges faced by society range from the demographic shift to a growing scarcity of natural resources. Automation, too, is changing: future trends in control technology suggest that the role of that control technology will change. Total solutions in whichtasks are distributed according to free capacity are growing in importance.

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New Compact XC152 PLC From Eaton

Eaton Corporation has launched a new compact PLC which supports intelligent and modular automation concepts with local PLCs and various communication interfaces such as SmartWire-DT, CANopen, RS232, RS485 or Profibus and Ethernet.

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Try the New OMRON CP1L with Ethernet today!

Omron has introduced a new version of the CP1L compact PLC, offering flexible Ethernet communications as standard - a feature that is traditionally only available in larger, modular PLCs.

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