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DC/AC Inverter For The DIN Rail

dcac inverterWith the new DC/AC inverter in the Quint Power family from Phoenix Contact, a compact solution is now available for the first time to generate alternating current in DC applications.

The DC/AC inverter for the DIN rail converts direct current into alternating current and provides a pure sine curve at the output. The manual selection of the AC output voltage via a signal terminal enables worldwide use.

An integrated USB interface can be used to connect industrial PCs, for example. Furthermore, the inverter can be switched in parallel. With the parallel connection of two devices, it is possible to increase the operational safety of systems in the event of power supply failure or double the power on the output side. Connect three devices in parallel to create a three-phase grid. The three devices communicate with each other in real time, thereby synchronising the 120° phase shift. This means that AC drives can also be operated. Due to the comprehensive signaling options and the wide temperature range from -25°C to +60°C, the inverter supports flexible use.


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