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Ultra-Compact, High Power And Cost Effective DIN-Rail Power Supply From PULS

PIC480 241CPULS Power the specialist manufacturer of DIN-Rail power supplies, announces the availability of the PIC480.241C single phase input 24V, 20A output power supply.

An extension of the market-leading PIANO-Series this cost-oriented power supply is just 49mm wide freeing-up maximum rail space for functional system modules.

The PIC480.241C offers high efficiency, up to 95.7% at 230V at full load, and extreme reliability with an MTBF of 482.000h, to IEC 61709, at 40°C. The mechanically robust housing is made of a high-grade shock-resistant polycarbonate reinforced molded material, which permits the units to be used in ambient temperatures up to +70°C. The PIC480.241C delivers full power over the temperature range of -10°C to +55°C and features a 3-year warranty.

The PIC480.241C features input transient protection, output over-voltage protection, over-temperature protection (output shut-down with automatic restart) and electronic output protection against overload, no-load and short-circuits.

As most typical industrial applications do not require multiple mains input voltages, the implementation of a regional input voltage range (200-240VAC) simplifies the circuitry and has significant advantages for reliability, efficiency and cost.

The addition of a DC-OK signal, with optional isolated contacts, makes the unit suitable for many industrial applications including: instrumentation, process, automation and other critical applications where preventive function monitoring can help to avoid long downtimes or damage.

Marco van der Linden, UK Country Manager, for PULS comments, “DIN-Rail power supplies offer system designers and installers’ uncomplicated assembly of panels and control cabinets. Our Piano range provide simple, reliable, compact and cost-effective system power solutions. They offer many advantages over chassis mounted types including ease of installation, the ability to upgrade in the event of a system change and simplicity of installation and maintenance.”


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