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New Gateways For Modbus-to-Ethernet/IP

gatewaysThe device family of serial device servers and gateways from Phoenix Contact enables a variety of protocols to be seamlessly integrated into a network or the simple migration of existing serial devices into the modern Ethernet.

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PULS 24V 20A DC DIN-Rail Power Supply Has Remote Control Of Output

puls dimensionRemote control feature simplifies centralised control of multiple system power supplies

PULS Power, the specialist manufacturer of high reliability DIN-Rail power supplies, introduce their new DIN-Rail power supply CP20.241-V1 featuring a remote-controlled ON/OFF feature. This allows system administrators and building automation controllers to switch the power supply on or off by use of an external signal switch or transistor gate. This remote-control feature makes centralised control of multiple system components very simple to implement and provides a very efficient shut-down facility in the event of system failure or emergency.

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