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Narrow Protection For Sensitive Measurements

termitrabThe TERMITRAB complete product family of overvoltage devices from Phoenix Contact has now been extended with the new TTC-6P-4 protective device for sensitive four-conductor measurements.

With an overall width of just 6 mm, it reliably protects four signal wires against overvoltage. The new products with the four-conductor protective circuit can be used, for example, for very precise temperature and weight measurements where the measured values may not be falsified by the cables.

Thanks to the visual monitoring, the protective device can be integrated into remote signalling concepts easily and without the need for additional wiring or programming. The modular setup of protective plug and base element allows fast and tool-free replacement during maintenance work. During replacement, the actual measuring signal is not affected. The protective device is available with Push-in or screw connection technology. TERMITRAB complete is the product family from Phoenix Contact that features the narrowest surge protective devices for measurement and control technology.


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