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POWERVAR Launches New 3200 Series Three-phase UPS for Data Centres

POWERVAR has built on its 25 years of experience in providing reliable power quality solutions for medical, point of sale, financial, and industrial applications to develop the new 3200 Series, Three-Phase Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), designed for small data centres and critical load applications.

It features advanced IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistor) technology that enables it to handle a wide input window - +15% to -30% - as well as the capability to withstand inrush currents up to 300 percent.

Thanks to its transformer-less design, the 3200 Series is highly efficient, up to 93 percent, enabling operators to reduce their electricity costs. It also has the smallest footprint in the industry which frees up more data centre space for additional revenue-earning equipment.

The POWERVAR 3200 Series is designed for ease of servicing, with front and top access as well as hot swappable batteries. It also enables up to four units to be operated in parallel either for redundancy or for increased capacity.

Enhanced communications, including an integrated SNMP network card and Modbus ports, enable the UPS to be monitored and managed remotely. The Series 3200 also features state of the art internal touch-screen battery monitoring functionality, which is unique in including thermal runaway protection.

“The 3200 Series is a very compact highly efficient design that uses the latest technology to lead the way in the 10 to 40 kVA range while still being very competitively priced,” says Rob Morris, POWERVAR UK sales director.



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