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Weidmüller VT Series Voltage Testers - Simple And Standardised Voltage Testing With Two Pole Tester

weidmuler vt rangeWeidmüller has renewed its voltage tester range. The new two-pole voltage testers are even more compact and offer a wealth of new functions.

We comply with the latest standards, DIN EN 61243-3:2015-08 and IEC 61243-3:2014. The VT two-pole voltage testers - VT Master, VT Combi Pro and VT Digi Pro - offer new features for each device, such as a measurement range up to 1,000 V AC/DC, resistance measurement and with CAT IV – 600 V an expanded range of applications.

The two-pole voltage tester forms part of an electrician's standard equipment. It fits into every case and so is always available for quick and easy testing. But clearly, a modern voltage tester can do even more than this. Such safe and reliable tools are especially in demand in the industrial plant sector where causes of failure such as loose contacts or short circuits can be tracked down quickly in a widely branched installation. Two-pole voltage testers from Weidmüller can be used to check all of the essential functions in the panel, such as the absence of voltage, continuity, rotating fields or frequency. This qualifies these devices as professional tools for every application in the low-voltage range. They are certified in accordance with the new standards DIN EN 61243-3:2015-08 and IEC 61243-3:2014.

Weidmüller's voltage testers offer a wide variety of testing options. Voltage and continuity are signalled visually and acoustically. The buzzer function facilitates handling when the electrician needs to look elsewhere, to keep an eye on an unfavourably located contact point for instance. For optical signalling, the devices are equipped with bright LEDs or a display. There is also a practical one-hand operation for fast testing of sockets: The measurement probes can be locked together magnetically or mechanically at the right separation for socket testing. Additionally, there are thicker screw-on measurement probes available for precise contacting of sockets.

Many other advantages distinguish the testers, such as automatic detection of polarity as well as voltage type, DC or AC. The voltage range extends up to 1000 V AC / DC. Using the actively selectable load function from VT Combi Pro and VT Digi Pro, an earth-leakage circuit breaker (ELCB) can be triggered, a capacitor discharged or a reactive voltage attenuated – and this prevents inadvertent ELCB triggering during testing. The VT Digi Pro also offers resistance measurement.

Often very high demands are placed on safety, especially in highly professional applications, such as in industry and panel building. In order that the electrician does not fall into a grey zone, the voltage testers from Weidmüller are certified for protection class IP54, and some for IP 65. The measurement category was designed for professional applications, up to CAT III 1,000 V / CAT IV 600 V depending on the device. Besides the option of measuring circuits electrically connected to a low voltage system, this also enables measurement in building installations. The device portfolio includes:

Six LEDs indicate the voltage between 12 V and 690 V AC/DC. The VT is a simple, yet reliable and practically-oriented voltage tester that satisfies all requirements for professional use.

weidmuller vt masterVT Master
This device also focuses on the essentials. The voltage range is 12 V – 690 V AC/DC. It also offers continuity testing with an optical and acoustic indicator, as well as polarity testing (+/-). VT Master is certified to the IEC 61243-3:2014 standard and complies with protection class IP 54.

VT Combi Pro
The professional tester VT Combi Pro offers impressive features for its class. Its voltage range starts at 6 V and extends to 690 V AC/DC. It also has continuity testing with an optical and acoustic indicator, as well as polarity testing (+/-). Furthermore, it has a rotating field display. A key advantage is a selectable load with which ELCB switches can be tested. The magnetic locking weidmuller vt combi profeature makes the measurement probes especially convenient to use. Thanks to measurement probe illumination, the VT Combi Pro is easy and safe to operate even under the most adverse conditions. The device conforms with the IEC 61243-3:2014 standard and thanks to its CAT III 690 V / CAT IV 600 V measurement category is highly versatile. Protection class IP 65 also ensures safe operation in extreme environments.

weidmuller vt digi proVT Digi Pro
This tester is the new flagship in the Weidmüller VT family. With a voltage range of 1 V – 1,000 V AC/DC, it covers all applications in the low-voltage range, from supply through to control. Like the VT Combi Pro, this tester offers optical and acoustic continuity testing, polarity testing (+/-), a rotary field display, ELCB testing with selectable load and magnetic locking. Moreover, the VT Digi Pro enables resistance and frequency measurement. Indeed, it offers the functionality of a small multimeter in the robust enclosure of a tester. Instead of an LED indicator, it is equipped with a large and easy-to-read display. The display is backlit and automatically switches on in dark surroundings. This means the measured values can be read effortlessly and error-free. The device conforms with the IEC 61243-3:2014 standard and protection class IP 65 and the measurement category complies with CAT III 1,000 V / CAT IV 600 V.

With these four new testers, Weidmüller is able to cover all conceivable applications for two-pole voltage testers.


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