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Surge Protection For Electromobility

valvetrab evThe market for electric cars is growing exponentially and automobile manufacturers are increasingly focusing on electromobility.

However, surge protection also has a part to play in this technology. Charging stations and home charging stations are high-quality and highly complex systems that need to be available at all times. A surge protection concept provides the necessary protection for both the charging station and the electric car that is connected, protecting against overvoltages caused by lightning strikes and switching operations on the grid.

Feed-in is protected with Phoenix Contact's new Valvetrab EV surge protective devices developed specifically for e-mobility applications. The new product family consists of a type 1+2 combined lightning current and surge arrester and a type 2 surge protective device. Both versions are available with optional remote indication contact. The plugs enable easy insulation measurement and are mechanically coded, thereby preventingaccidental mismatching of the plugs. For a consistent protection concept, sensitive components, such as Ethernet communication or the control panel, are protected with appropriate type 3 surge protective devices.

These devices are already available in the Phoenix Contact product portfolio and work with the new VAL-EV devices.


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