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New FLIR T860 High-Performance Thermal Camera Streamlines Industrial Inspections

flir t860FLIR Systems announces the FLIR T860, the latest addition to the high-performance T-Series family. This new thermal camera is the first to feature onboard Inspection Route software, ideal for streamlining inspections of critical assets, including power substation components, distribution lines, manufacturing equipment, or facility electrical and mechanical systems.

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Unitronics New Line Of AC Servo Drives And Motors Changes The Traditional And Complicated Approach To Motion Control

New Motion Solution: Servo Made Simple - Easy to Set Up, Painless to Program

servoUnitronics launches a complete line of AC Servo drives and motors – along with a surprisingly simple approach that enables users to implement Motion Control easily. Ready-Made Motion code, Embedded Diagnostic tools, Automatic communication setup, are just some of the easy-to-use features embedded in this new line.

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New Gateways For Modbus-to-Ethernet/IP

gatewaysThe device family of serial device servers and gateways from Phoenix Contact enables a variety of protocols to be seamlessly integrated into a network or the simple migration of existing serial devices into the modern Ethernet.

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PULS 24V 20A DC DIN-Rail Power Supply Has Remote Control Of Output

puls dimensionRemote control feature simplifies centralised control of multiple system power supplies

PULS Power, the specialist manufacturer of high reliability DIN-Rail power supplies, introduce their new DIN-Rail power supply CP20.241-V1 featuring a remote-controlled ON/OFF feature. This allows system administrators and building automation controllers to switch the power supply on or off by use of an external signal switch or transistor gate. This remote-control feature makes centralised control of multiple system components very simple to implement and provides a very efficient shut-down facility in the event of system failure or emergency.

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