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New Power Xpert FMX Medium-Voltage Switchgear System from Eaton

Eaton’s Electrical Sector has launched its new Power Xpert FMX Medium-Voltage Switchgear System, optimised with SASensor for tomorrow’s smart grid. FMX is an innovative and compact switchboard system with plug-in type circuit-breakers.

The system is suitable for use up to 24kV and was developed especially for use in the supply grids of electricity suppliers and for connecting industrial and supply companies. The FMX can be custom fitted with different digital systems for protection and remote control tasks.

By adapting SASensor products from Locamation, developer and supplier of smart grid automation-related products and services, the FMX has been made easy to protect and control. It is easy to measure power levels, monitor voltage quality, localise faults and obtain more accurate data. The system is therefore ideally suited for use in current energy networks as well as electricity grids (smart grids) in the future. Due to the simple architecture of the SASensor system, future upgrades or replacements of a CCU can be carried out easily without a major modification of the base.

SASensor offers the following functions:
• Alarm & event handling
• Protection
• Revenue metering (kWh measurement)
• Accurate data acquisition
• Remote control and local control (LCD system)
• Power quality monitoring
• Determination of fault location
• IEC 61850 compliance

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