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IXYS Introduces a New Megapower 83mm Phase Control Thyristors With Ratings of 2.8kV up to 4.5kV

IXYS Corporation an international power and IC semiconductor company, today announced that its UK subsidiary, IXYS UK Westcode Ltd., launched two new 83mm die phase control thyristors.

The thyristors rated at 2.8kV to 4.5kV, represent the first introductions in a new product group that uses an integrated die construction and improved package design for better electromechanical and thermal performances. The 4.5kV thyristor has an average current rating (Case temperature 55C) of 2825 amperes and the 2.8kV device a current rating of 3790 amperes, with a junction to heat sink thermal resistance of 0.008 kelvins per watt. The new thyristors are constructed using an all diffused silicon slice fused to a metal disc and the die is encapsulated in a fully hermetic package.

“The technology of alloying the silicon to the metal disc enhances the performance, presenting excellent transient thermal and surge current ratings. The new package design allows for better production control and improved quality when compared to similarly rated devices using either ‘alloy free’ or conventional built alloyed die packaging,” commented Frank Wakeman, IXYS UK’s Marketing & Technical Support Manager.

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