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REO UK And Overcoming Smart City Power Problems

Overcoming power problemsPower distribution specialist REO UK has created an infographic outlining three ways to overcome problems with power quality in smart cities. The infographic is available to download from the REO UK website.

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REO UK And Transforming Power Quality For The Renewable Age

wind turbineBy 2018, Holland’s rail network will run entirely on renewable energy. The country’s existing wind farms already supply almost half of the network’s traction power. Investment in new farms will ratchet this up to the full 1.4TWh of electricity needed to transport Dutch commuters each year.

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Power Quality In The Medical Sector

medical isolation transformYou may have seen a lot more people checking in at A&E or taking selfies from their hospital bed recently. It’s not that all your Facebook friends have suddenly been under the weather, it’s just that hospital patients and visitors are now allowed to use mobile phones on site without fear of interfering with medical equipment.

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