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Meet The New MTA36 Transformer-Power Meter From SACI

mta36The MTA36 single-phase or three-phase transformer incorporates LoRA Long Range Radio Frequency technology to connect to a communication module for network analysis up to 10 kms away. Multiple parameters can be measured including; voltage, current, frequency, power, power factor and harmonic components.

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Energy Meters For Underground Applications

SACI TCIL2The SACI TCIL2 3-phase indirect energy meter for when reliability counts

SACI´s TCIL2 3-phase indirect energy meters and analysers were installed recently as part of the upgrade of Riyadh´s underground system, Saudi Arabia.

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Bimetallic Instruments From SACI

saci analogueMaximum Demand Ammeters
The image on the left shows the display from one of SACI’s maximum demand ammeters. These units measure the maximum average load over a 15-min period (or 8 min period on demand) which is achieved thanks to the inherent time lag in the bimetallic movement.

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