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New From SACI The Prepaid Single-Phase Energy Meter CMDP2

CMDP2SACI´s new CMDP2 prepaid energy meter is an easy way to manage yours, or your customers’ electricity consumption.

By using chip card technology, the CMDP2 allows you to load credit onto the card and then transfer this credit to the electricity meter. Once you´ve done this you can then monitor the electricity consumption via the visual display panel on the unit. If there is still credit at the end of the stay, the user can simply load this back onto the card, and this can then be refunded back to the user.

Smart features on the CMDP2:
• The system allows you to preset a security credit level which is available even when the prepaid credit runs out. This helps to avoid those unwanted power cuts and gives the user an extra level of security.
• The system will set off an audio and visual alarm on the display panel when the credit goes below a preset level reminding the user to add more credit.
• Any unused credit can easily be transferred back to the chip card and then returned to the user.

The new CMDP2 is ideal for installations where individual electricity billing is required. The unit makes it easy to charge the user exactly the right amount of electricity; ideal for tourist apartments, marinas, sports centers, as well as holiday homes, apartment hotels and student accommodation mentioned above. These are just some for the places that would benefit from installing the CMDP2.


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