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Omron F3SG-SR/PG Series Offers An ALL in ONE Line-Up

light curtainThe F3SG-SR/PG series offers a complete range of safety light curtains and multi-beam that covers all applications from machine openings to perimeter and access guarding.

Manufacturers need to manage globalization and flexible production. That’s why we have developed our F3SG-SR/PG Series, which covers a wide variety of applications (finger, hand, arm/ leg, body protection and perimeter guarding) and protective heights to increase design flexibility by completely fitting with the protected area required. With F3SG-SR/PG Series you’re able to standardize same compact profile across production lines and simplify the product selection.

Installation have never been so easy and maintenance so predictable thanks to F3SG-SR/PG Series. Intuitive indicators facilitate the fine adjustment of beams for long-distance alignment and help to determine the optimal replacement timing and possible errors, while IO-Link communication allows the operating data collection and cause analysis to prevent unplanned stoppages and reduce potential downtimes.

The F3SG-SR/PG series also offers a longer operating range and stable detection. High-power optical design enables a reliable sensing capability even in harsh environment and multiple light beam re-direction by mirrors for perimeter guarding applications. In addition, the high-pressure washdown resistance (IP69K) models for the high robustness and extreme environment applications complete the broadest safety light curtains line-up.


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