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Eaton Launches New Long Range Sensors for Reliable Sensing of Distant and Difficult to Detect Objects

E67 photoelectric sensorPower management company Eaton has launched its new E67 Long Range Perfect Prox range of photoelectric sensors which offer machine and system builders a precise sensing solution for longer distances and demanding applications such as pallet wrapping machines.

These long range sensors reliably detect all targets within their sensing range and up to a distance of 2.4 m – irrespective of variances in colour, reflectance, contrast or surface shape. This makes the reflective sensors of the E67 series Eaton's most powerful photoelectric sensors with background rejection.

The sensors are manufactured with fixed operating distances between 60 cm and 240 cm (in= 10 cm stages). Thus, the user does not have to define any further settings and the devices are optimally adapted to the specific application requirements. Users therefore benefit from simple installation and handling, which helps prevent operating errors and keeps downtime to a minimum.

Eaton developed the E67 Long Range Perfect Prox series to meet the needs of the most demanding photoelectric sensor applications. As the most powerful models in their class, Eaton's long range sensors can detect targets that are a challenge for many other sensors – such as flat, black targets, very transparent targets like film, or off-angle targets. The Perfect Prox technology allows for optimal background suppression and reliable operation of the reflex sensors. Furthermore, two LEDs situated at the top of the E67 sensors ensure a clear visible indication of the operating and output status enabling users to determine immediately whether the sensors are functional or whether they are currently detecting a target. This simplifies the monitoring and maintenance of the devices.

The E67 sensors are available in a DC version (18-30 V DC) and a version that allows both DC and AC operation (20-132 V AC/DC). The purely DC models are provided with NPN and PNP outputs. The E67 long range sensors come in a fully encapsulated housing with protection to IP67 and are therefore also suitable for operation in harsh environments. Two mounting options allow for flexible installation.

Eaton offers a wide range of sensors worldwide for maximum precision and virtually any application.  Besides mechanical limit switches, the sensor manufacturer offers around 1,000 different types of inductive, photoelectric and capacitive sensors. The sensor solutions are used primarily in machine building, packaging technology, the food and beverage industry and materials handling.

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