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Eaton Launches New Analogue Inductive Proximity Sensors with Unmatched Sensing

E59 AccuProx SensorsPower management company Eaton has launched the new E59 AccuProx series of high-performance analogue inductive proximity sensors which feature a particularly large sensing range.

Thanks to the innovative iProx technology, Eaton’s AccuProx sensors offer an extended linear sensing range of up to 25mm - up to four times greater distance than typical tubular inductive analogue sensors – without any loss in accuracy. The sensors are ideally suited to demanding applications requiring precise position sensing and measuring, such as in parts positioning. The new sensors, which come in a compact tubular housing, can help users prevent production faults due to their increased output accuracy thus helping to increase productivity.

Unlike standard inductive sensors, the AccuProx analogue sensors supply an electrical signal that changes according to the position of the metal target in the sensing range. Thanks to the extended linear sensing range, the AccuProx sensors offer a high output resolution and repeatability in applications requiring a precise sensing performance. This includes parts positioning, the measuring of distance, size and thickness, the checking of faulty locations or materials, general inspection and the detection of centre to centre variations, absolute angles and different metals. Two mounting options guarantee maximum flexibility for designing applications.

The robust stainless steel barrel with a shock-resistant front cap, a polycarbonate endbell, and the impact-absorbing potting compound ensure reliable sensor operation even in harsh production conditions. They are therefore ideally suited for applications involving extreme ambient temperatures and vibrations or in high pressure wash-down environments. A high noise immunity of 20 V/m also prevents any problems caused by electrical interference. The sensors are available with different current (4 – 20 mA or 0 – 20 mA) and voltage outputs (0 – 10 V).

Eaton offers a wide range of sensors for maximum precision and virtually any application. As well as mechanical limit switches, Eaton also offers around 1,000 different types of inductive, photoelectric and capacitive sensors for use in machine building, packaging technology, the food and beverage industry, and in materials handling environments.

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