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Eaton Launches New Series of High Performance Sensors for Demanding Applications

IntelliView SensorsPower management company Eaton has launched its new E75/E76 series of high performance photoelectric sensors.

Sensors with field-adjustable background suppression and a considerably extended sensing range are being released for the first time thanks to the IntelliView technology. This technology enables a number of new sensing techniques for colour, contrast and luminescence sensing for demanding applications requiring increased precision over large distances in challenging conditions. The high precision combined with the improved background suppression make the E75/E76 series into a flexible, high performance solution for a wide range of applications. Through the small number of sensing errors, the devices contribute to increasing the productivity of machines and plants.

In the E75/E76 series, Eaton is presenting a photoelectric sensor with field-adjustable background suppression. This detects objects precisely at a distance of up to 190 cm whilst simultaneously suppressing all other background objects. Additionally, the sensors simple installation enable users to put the device easily into operation and adapt automatically to the individual requirements at the site of installation.

Eaton has also developed laser distance sensors with increased sensing depth. These distance sensors output a signal from 0 - 10 V which changes within the operating range proportionally to the distance between the face of the sensor and the target. The integrated class II laser detects objects in a range between 0.3 and 4 m. In addition to analog outputs, the sensors are provided with two PNP outputs that can be programmed so that they switch at the set distances.

The E75/E76 photoelectric sensors are divided into colour, contrast and luminescence sensors. The colour sensors feature a new ‘chromaticity plus intensity’ system which provides increased sensitivity for colour tone variations and improves the differentiation of grayscale tones. This mode is recommended for detecting different colours on the same type of material with a target sensing range of 5 - 45 mm from the face of the sensor. Three colour tones can be programmed as standard. An 8-pin M12 micro connector ensures analog signal transmission and a version with a serial terminal (RS 485) is also provided for remote communication. The contrast sensors, on the other hand, are ideal for detecting grayscales, for example positioning marks or differently coloured objects, as well as the detection of targets at a distance of up to 10 mm from the sensor face.

Thanks to the sensors’ complementary outputs, they can switch both in response to light or darkness. The 4-pin M12 micro connector integrated as standard also simplifies integration in existing installations. Objects with reflecting surfaces or luminescent targets can be detected with the E75/E76 luminescence sensor at a distance of 8 - 20 mm from the sensor face. This is also suitable for both light and dark conditions. A user-friendly setup routine enables both the contrast and also the luminescence sensors to be commissioned and maintained easily. Users can adapt the devices ideally to their applications in only three steps and thus save valuable time during the installation or later system adaptions.

Eaton offers around 1,000 different types of inductive, photoelectric and capacitive sensors. The sensors are used primarily in machine building, in packaging technology, the food and beverage industry and in material handling.

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