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SCTL55 IO-Link Smart Configurator Making A Laborious Task Easy

configuratorCarlo Gavazzi have launched the SCTL55 IO-Link smart configurator, a user-friendly wireless handheld solution that significantly simplifies the configuration, adjustment and diagnosis of many IO-Link Sensors. Making every minute matter.

The SCTL55 can aid troubleshooting and improve your production processes by providing data on sensor status, including current temperature, quality of run and process data and easily change the operating sensor parameters, such as switch point mode, sensing distance, timing functions, output configuration (PNP/NPN/push-pull, NO/NC), to better meet the process requirements.

The smart configurator operates on the Android platform and is housed in a polycarbonate body rated IP30 and comes complete with a 5.5” HD touch screen and dedicated apps to help you access advanced diagnostics, check operating hours, number of detections, operating cycles, alarms events and much more. Unlike other available devices, it doesn’t require a PC or additional software to configure a sensor.

Simply plug in the sensor to one of the three connectors on top of the configurator and the device will automatically search for the IODD file. If the IODD file is not found, the SCTL55 will automatically download it, once connected to the Wi-Fi /mobile hotspot.

Thanks to the user-friendly GUI, it is easy for the users to add any parameter to a favorites’ list on the homepage and create profiles with different levels of accessibility to the sensor’s parameters as observer, maintainer or specialist.

The user can also expand the memory with an external SD card or save the configured data to a PC or database. The smart configurator is truly portable thanks to the rechargeable high capacity battery that lasts over five hours in full operation and more than 22 hours with the screen off. LEDs indicate battery status and charging can be done via the included mini USB cable.


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