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Configure And Order Customised Connectors Online

connector configuratorThe Phoenix Contact heavy-duty connector product range offers countless combination options. Therefore, the new, user-friendly Heavycon online configurator now supports you in the assembly process.

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Free Simulation Of Wireless Networks

network simulationTo simplify the planning of wireless networks based on the Radioline wireless system, Phoenix Contact is offering free simulation of wireless networks with up to ten stations.

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FDB Panel Fittings New Website – Enhanced Style And Functionality

fdb websiteThe all new FDB Panel Fittings website is a stylish gateway to the best in enclosure hardware from international sales partners such as DIRAK, EMKA, Weston Body Hardware, Pinet, Gold & Wassall, Southco, Lowe & Fletcher, and their own FDB Online Shop where cabinet and enclosure fittings can be sourced ex-stock or to custom specification.

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