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Free Simulation Of Wireless Networks

network simulationTo simplify the planning of wireless networks based on the Radioline wireless system, Phoenix Contact is offering free simulation of wireless networks with up to ten stations.

Infrastructure systems for power distribution or for water supply and disposal often include remote stations that are distributed over a large area. The sensor values change relatively slowly and sometimes have to be transmitted over several kilometres to a control centre. To avoid the effort and expense of cable installation, wireless systems specifically designed for extensive systems present a viable alternative.

A simulation is used to determine whether a wireless connection will work, will not work or needs to be tested. The prognoses are so precise that a radio test is often unnecessary. The simulation takes into account altitude data, radio performance and surface properties.

The coordinates of all stations in the network are required. The documentation includes recommendations for locations, antennas, and mast heights. This service is available internationally and a fee applies for networks with more than ten stations.


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