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Switchtec’s Pilot Lamps Are Colour Coded For Speedy Installation And Easy Maintenance

SCL pilot lampsAvailable from Switchtec, the SCL range of pilot lamps is available in the ubiquitous 16 and 22mm diameters for panel use.  Uniquely, the LED lamps have coloured terminals on the underside that are ‘coded’ to match the colour of the LED lamp on the ‘outside’. 

Imagine a door or control panel with say 100 pilot lamps on it, now imagine trying to work out which lamp’s terminals you are working on? The colour-coded terminals are a great help, especially when there are a large number of lamps on the panel.

Aimed at OEMs, CEMs, panel builders, and equipment manufacturers, the SCL pilot lamps are available in different voltages to cover a wide range of applications, these being 12 and 24VDC and 110 and 240VAC.  For versatility the lamps are available in three versions. Firstly, the ‘standard’ PL16 and PL22, then the PL16-AI and PL22-AI that incorporate anti Interference technology to prevent the false illumination found in standard LED pilot lamps. Due to their nature, LEDs can illuminate at very low voltages and when used in control panel applications, they can exhibit such false illumination as a result of residual or transient voltages.  The anti interference technology used in the PL16-AI and PL22-AI blocks these low level voltages and prevents false – and potentially dangerous - illumination.

Finally, the lamp test version, the PL22-LT.  Differing from the standard PL22 LED pilot lamps, the PL22-LT incorporates a third connection terminal that is used to test the LEDs in situ - in the panel - without having to energise the whole panel. This feature is particularly useful when a panel’s LEDs have to be tested on a regular basis.

All of the lamp versions are available in the high visibility ‘pure’ colours of red, yellow, blue, green, and white.  Of course, with their LED technology the lamps consume much less power than incandescent types and have a very long life of 30,000 hours.

Manufactured from a high quality flame-retardant ABS material to withstand harsh conditions, the SCL pilot lamps feature a vibration resistance of 10 to 2000Hz and an ambient temperature rating of -5 to +40 degrees C.  A high ingress protection rating of IP65 is achieved when deployed in a panel.  With such a high spec, they can be confidently installed in virtually any industrial application.  CE marked, all lamps are supplied complete with locking nut and Ealing gland.

For use in control panels, lift and hoist controls and general machinery, factors driving the demand for this type of product are ease of installation and wiring, compact design, rugged construction, long life, and the desire for a modern pilot lamp design that is also cost effective.  Achieving all of these and more, Switchtec’s SCL PL16 and PL22 pilot lamps are designed with a compact housing that is easy to install, and they are small, light and high performance.  The SCL pilot lamps are available in all variations ex stock direct from Switchtec.


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