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Switchtec’s Light Towers Feature Industry Leading Design for Safety and Performance

Sirena Elyps light towerAvailable from distributor Switchtec, Sirena’s Elyps range of light towers features a revolutionary, ‘ground up’ design offering machine builders and end users a range of light towers with design and performance levels that meet the ever changing, increasingly demanding needs of the workplace.

Previous light towers had a wiring base and modules that were all voltage specific, requiring each separate component to be stocked in 24, 110 and 230V versions across all five colours as applicable. With the new Elyps range there is only one module per colour as the voltage is selected solely by the choice of base.  This keeps module types and stocking levels down, and accordingly price too.
In cross section, the Elyps light tower features – not surprisingly - an elliptical shape with dimensions of 70x50mm.  Its IP65 protection level makes it ideal for outdoor applications as well as indoors.

Elyps’ modular light tower or ‘stacklight’ allows three different configuration philosophies depending on the final application. Depending on the requirement for one or more flashing modules, it is possible to choose whether to generate the flashing pattern directly via a PLC (using a steady light stacklight) or whether to use the preset flashing patterns of each module, easing PLC programming and management operations. Furthermore, it is possible to change the status of each module from steady to flashing even without the use of a PLC by using a flashing wiring module (WM MULTI) and controlling the status of each module via a single independent electrical contact on the wiring module itself (BLINK channel).

The steady light stacklight consists of one wiring module WM LT or HT and up to six steady light modules LM or LM S, according to the light intensity required. Each light module can be controlled directly via electrical contacts or via a PLC.  The flashing light stacklight consists of one wiring module WM LT or HT and up to six flashing light modules LM S MULTI or LM X  MULTI (four preset flashing patterns selectable via dip-switch), according to the light intensity required. Each light module can be controlled directly via electrical contacts or via PLC. The flashing pattern will be the one selected on each module.  The stacklight with flashing controls in the base consists of one wiring module with flashing options WM LT MULTI or HT MULTI (four preset flashing patterns selectable via dip-switch) and by up to six steady light modules LM or LM S, according to the light intensity required. For each light module it is possible to change the status from steady to flashing by controlling the electrical contacts and the BLINK channel (flashing) on the base directly or via PLC. For each configuration philosophy it is possible to add an acoustic module AM or AM S.

The Elyps concept comprises four groups of modules; mounting bases, wiring modules, light modules and acoustic modules.  MB mounting bases are engineered for versatility, allowing the devices to always be installed in the ideal position and are available in three colour options: allGRAY (industrial RAL 7035), allBLACK (industrial/commercial RAL 9005) and allWHITE (civil/commercial RAL 9003).

WM wiring modules facilitate voltage choice/selection as well as configuration philosophy, giving the possibility to create low or high tension devices, with steady or flashing light and with the possibility to control the flashing pattern (i.e. via PLC) directly from the base of the stacklight.

LM light modules have been engineered to satisfy all possible needs. Different levels of light intensity as well as different lens technology and different flashing patterns offer a unique and complete range.  AM acoustic modules are based on two technologies: piezoelectric and magnetodynamic.  Both versions allow the use of two separate channels giving the possibility of utilizing the stacklight with two different sounds, according to the type of message one needs to deliver.

Featuring the latest generation of LEDs for brightness, low power consumption and reliability, three light density models are available in the Elyps range.  These are the Elyps LM for close range use, Elyps LM S (including a multi version) for standard use, and the Elyps LM X Multi for long distance use.  To achieve the foregoing, Sirena uses different materials to manufacture the lenses to control the strength of light emitted in order to – for example – not ‘blind’ nearby operators, and similarly to emit sufficient light intensity for the light to be seen in high ambient light situations where a condition known as ‘phantom light’ can occur due to high levels of light from other sources being ‘reflected’ through the tower.  Siren’s ‘allCLEAR’ lens used for this application greatly overcomes this effect and danger.

Six different lens colours are available and have the following uses and meanings. Red signifies a dangerous situation requiring immediate action, for example a pressure or temperature that exceeds safe limits. Blue indicates a situation that requires mandatory action such as where critical data input is needed in order to proceed.  A normal situation is indicated by green, an example being an authorisation to proceed. An anomalous situation is indicated by an orange light, and this means a situation that requires monitoring and/or action, examples being a conveyor belt jammed, or intervention required to correct an abnormal situation.  A clear or ‘white’ light is used to communicate a message different to that indicated by the standard colours and requires monitoring, an example being ‘machine in function’.  A yellow light is also available.

In use, lenses for the most critical situations are installed at the top part of the light tower, conversely less critical situations’ lenses are installed at the bottom part of the tower.  Elyps lens sections simply click together, giving a monolithic, ‘single unit’ feel when fitted together whereas previous types used locking rings that are always visible.  

When Sirena decided to introduce a new range of light towers, instead of performing a relatively simple redesign of the current products available, it took up the challenge to revolutionize the light towers concept at its very roots.  The result is a light tower with a unique, innovative elliptical shape that is aesthetically revolutionary and capable of satisfying the most common dimensional standards.  In short, prior to committing themselves to any ‘on paper’ designs and prototypes, Sirena studied and considered the needs of the end user, to make sure that operatives and employees’ jobs become as easy, as efficient and as safe as possible.

The 2006/42/EC Machine Directive refers to regulations that cover risk analysis in the design and construction process of machinery. The directive requires manufacturers to make a detailed analysis regarding the safety of machinery and systems. Data relating to safety of machinery components must also be included at the project stage. Sirena’s signaling devices comply with the Machinery Directive. They respect all the regulations relating to colors and safety signals and can be used by machine builders.


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