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Continuous Power – Triple Guaranteed

ATS ControllersGlobal power management expert, Socomec, has released a new generation of transfer switching controller – ATyS C55/65 – engineered to protect critical loads including emergency systems, healthcare devices, server rooms and production lines, for the safe control and switching between power sources.

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Energy Monitoring Has Never Mattered More

DTC Power MonitoringProtect our Data Centre powerhouses by mastering Data Centre monitoring.
As the powerhouses of the world, data centres are providing life critical protection and support as we face unique challenges that not even the most robust continuity plan was ready for.

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Big Data Centre Tech, In Size XS

Modulys XSInfinite protection – for every load – with universal compatibility

Global power management expert, Socomec, is launching a pioneering UPS solution that makes the latest advances in mid & high power UPS technology more accessible - across all applications - than ever before.

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