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Eaton Offers A Calculated Approach to Energy Saving For Free

Energy Savings EstimatorWith the new Energy Savings Estimator software package from Eaton, industrial and commercial users of fans and pumps can now calculate quickly and easily how much they could reduce their energy costs and cut their carbon emissions by fitting variable speed drives.

The new, easy-to-use software works on a project basis – a project might, for example, be a single fan or pump, or it could be a whole plant with multiple fans and pumps in any combination. In either case, users are guided through a simple five-stage process that leads to the production of a detailed energy saving report. All data entered can be stored for later recall and, if necessary, modification. Stored data can also be used as the basis of new projects.

The first stage of the energy saving calculation involves entering project and site information. The second stage allows the user to enter utility costs, and the third is the detailed project definition. Here information for each pump or fan is entered, including the type of flow control already in use, if any; the motor rating and efficiency; the duty cycle, which is conveniently displayed in graphical as well as numerical form; and the operating hours.

Provision is also made for entering the price of the variable speed drive, the cost of fitting it and the value of any incentives available for enhancing energy efficiency. If Eaton drives are specified, the prices of suitable units are loaded automatically.

The fourth stage calculates and displays the estimated energy savings in kWh and in cost terms, together with estimated carbon footprint reduction in tonnes of CO2. The estimated payback period for the project is also shown, and a graph of payback versus time can optionally be displayed. The fifth and final stage presents the project data and the calculated results in the form of a detailed report that can be viewed, printed, exported in a range of popular file formats, or attached to an email message. Extensive control over the report content is provided.

The new software, which produces detailed reports ideal for inclusion in business case proposals, is available for free download at : .  

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