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FL View the New Monitoring and Diagnostics Software from Phoenix Contact

FL ViewFL View, Phoenix Contact’s new monitoring and diagnostics software, visualizes the network topology and constantly monitors the network performance of all Ethernet and WLAN devices.

The software provides users with the overview they need not only when the network is up and running, but also when it is being set up or reconfigured. This allows them to ensure high network availability and minimize setup and maintenance times.

The monitoring software automatically detects all subscribers and presents a clear overview of networks both small and large. Continuous diagnostic checks make it easy to identify common network errors, such as duplicate IP addresses, bandwidth congestion, and defective or poorly performing cables. Numerous trend functions are also offered for use in the long-term monitoring of parameters such as ping response times and error rates. Likewise, proactive responses help to ensure high network availability. The software is equally well suited for small machine networks as it is for complex system networks. A number of software versions are available to match the size of the network. These can be scaled for 32 up to max. 512 subscribers.

The software allows users to maintain a constant overview of widely distributed Ethernet networks, including the distributed components. Because it is browser based, the software offers the advantage of being able to access the network overview and diagnostic functions from any computer within the network. The software uses international network standards that allow it to monitor heterogeneous networks of Ethernet and WLAN components from many different manufacturers.

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