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New App from Eaton Offers Operator-Tailored Machine and Plant Control

easyParameter AppEaton has launched a new app for its easy800 control relay which makes the operation of machinery and plant simpler and more convenient.

Available on Android smartphones and tablets, the new easyParameter App enables machine and plant manufacturers to control the relays remotely via Bluetooth. The ability to tailor user interfaces helps improve operational visibility and simplifies plant control for users, reducing operator errors and increasing the availability of the machine or plant. The easyParameter App is available in English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Polish and Spanish, and can be downloaded for free at:  by searching for “easy800”.  

Using the app, the creator of the operator interface can define exactly which parameters can be read and modified directly from their smartphone/tablet. These include date, time, actual and setpoint values for function blocks, annual and weekly timer and status of marker bits. Inputs and output states can also be read.  Additionally, different access rights to the machine or plant can also be created for specific user interfaces. All easy800 control relays are equipped with a Bluetooth adapter which enables users to control and operate several machines efficiently with a smartphone/tablet from up to ten metres away. Each Bluetooth adapter has a unique address and an eight-digit PIN that serves as the security code for communicating with the smartphone, thus preventing any unauthorised access.  

The download and installation process for the easyParameter app is also simple with step by step instructions available from on how to download the app and corresponding Excel file.

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