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Eaton Software Puts You in Control of Your Breakers

Eaton NZM SoftwareEaton is now offering an easy-to-use software package that provides enhanced control and monitoring facilities for moulded case circuit breakers (MCCBs) with electronic trip units in the company’s popular NZM2, NZM3 and NZM4 ranges.

The NZM-XPC-Soft software makes it easy to check the breaker trip settings, which is an important aid to achieving selectivity, and also provides access to trip history information, which facilitates fault diagnosis.

NZM-XPC-Soft is available as a free download from the Eaton website and runs on any modern Windows-based computer which connects to the breaker trip unit via an interface connection kit. On connection, the software immediately recognises the breaker and automatically configures itself to match the device, irrespective of whether it’s an IEC model or a UL/CSA model.

Users can then allocate a name or reference to the breaker, which will be shown when it is subsequently accessed. The breaker trip settings are displayed and these can readily be exported to Eaton’s Curve Select software for use in selectivity studies. The real time values of key parameters, including phase currents, are also shown, along with load warnings that indicate tripping may be imminent.

Trend curves covering the period for which the computer is connected to the breaker are generated, and these are invaluable for confirming protection performance during commissioning and for investigating events that have led to breaker trips.

Eaton’s NZM-XPC-Soft includes facilities for accessing historical data stored in the electronic trip module of the MCCB. This data includes the last ten diagnostic messages relating to load warnings and trip events, enabling the past performance of the distribution system in which the breaker is used to be easily evaluated.

All of the information retrieved and generated by the NZM-XPC-Soft software can be saved and printed. This makes it easy to generate reports, and to produce accurate, well-structured records of trip settings for future reference.


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