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OPC UA Server for PC Worx-based Controllers from Phoenix Contact

PC Worx UA serverThe PC Worx UA server from Phoenix Contact makes it possible to access all variables of PC Worx-programmable controllers via the standardised OPC UA (Unified Architecture) communications protocol.

The server is designed for high-volume processing: It can pass data from up to 200 controllers to a visualisation or production control system. The mapping of variables takes place via the standardised PLCopen profile. Communication is performed using the binary protocol, which allows the OPC UA server to achieve high data transfer speeds. A certificate-based security concept protects against unauthorised access, manipulation, and operator errors. In addition to authentication of OPC UA clients using certificates, the server offers the optional ability to encrypt the data flow between client and server. Close attention was paid to detailed diagnostics. Using the supplied configurator, users can easily configure security settings and diagnose the current communication connections to the clients and controllers.

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