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Network Manager With Topology Representation

fl network managerThe FL Network Manager software can be used to start up, monitor, and update Phoenix Contact network components.

In the new Version 3.0, Phoenix Contact has extended the software to include topology representation and the SNMP scripting function.

For a network to operate reliably, the network components not only need to be configured correctly, but also accurately connected to one another. The new topology representation enables the device connections for each network port to be checked and visualized. It is therefore possible to determine whether the actual network structure corresponds to the planned structure. In addition, topology representation also allows the configuration of the redundancy protocols to be checked.

Thanks to the use of different colours, it is also possible to grasp important information at a glance, such as the roles of the individual ports and devices in the redundancy system and the resulting redundant paths. SNMP scripting enables more in-depth diagnostics to be performed on the network structure, e.g., in the event of an error. Version 3.0 of the Network Manager allows the SNMP parameters of any device in the network to be read and written.


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