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Assistance System For Surge Protection With New Functions

impulse checkA major firmware update provides new functions for Phoenix Contact's ImpulseCheck assistance system for surge protection.

Firmware 2.0 now allows Proficloud Global or Proficloud China to be selected as the end point. Additional interfaces are also provided to access selected data for the assistance system in the local network.

The data can be accessed via Modbus TCP/IP or a REST API. However, in contrast to the Control API for Proficloud in the ImpulseAnalytics application, the scope is reduced to the key features of ImpulseCheck, the evaluated measured data, and the state of health of the monitored surge protective device. When connected to the cloud, the data is updated accordingly and can be viewed directly in the web-based management of the assistance system.

The web server of the assistance system must be permanently active in order to use the REST API. To restrict access to the ImpulseCheck configuration for any network devices, password authentication has been implemented which can be activated as an option. In addition, depending on the location, the web-based management language can be set to English, Chinese or German.


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