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Socomec Provides Changeover Systems For Critical Systems At BUPA Cromwell Hospital

Socomec’s ATyS p automatic changeover switchSocomec’s ATyS p automatic changeover switches have been chosen to support the critical power infrastructure at BUPA’s Cromwell Hospital.

As the market leader in integrated critical power solutions for the most demanding applications, Socomec was the clear choice for the electrical contractor, Rotary Southern.

Andrew Wilkinson, Regional Managing Director, Socomec explains; “Our products are ideal for medical applications where guaranteed availability is vital. Hospitals cannot tolerate critical or life-safety systems being offline as evacuating the patients is unthinkable. Our automatic transfer switches – ATyS – offer absolute confidence as they are self-monitoring and report the health of both the primary and the backup supply.”

Parameters can be easily configured from the front of the unit or via Easyconfig software and the product can be fully integrated into the overall power management system.

Wilkinson continues; “The ATyS p in particular offers inputs / outputs and current transformer inputs that can be utilised to control load shedding based on a programmable power supply level. Highly reliable with a low MTTR and zero maintenance requirements, this third generation ATyS p also has several communication options allowing it to be easily integrated in the building control scheme.”

Fully certified to BS EN 60947-6-1 (changeover switch) and BS EN 60947-3 (isolator), the Socomec ATyS p range manages the changeover between two supplies (transformer / transformer or transformer / generator) to enable the hospital to switch between two supplies for critical systems. In automatic mode they enable the monitoring of – and the on load changeover switching between – two power supply sources.

Six enclosed ATyS (100A to 250A) manufactured by Socomec have been supplied in conjunction with four customised units (400A to 630A) able to take very large cables produced in partnership with Carville Switchgear.

Peter Somerville – Managing Director of Carville – explains: “We worked closely with Socomec on the BUPA Cromwell Hospital project and manufactured the ATS shown in the pictures using their ATyS p changeover system.

The design was verified with the contractor and the cabling company to ensure all parties were satisfied. Socomec supported us throughout the build and the commissioning of the ATS allowing the project to be completed on time.”

The upgrade at the hospital was undertaken while it was still in full operation and the biggest compliment to the team involved in the works will be that none of the patients noticed any major disruption.

To learn how Socomec’s range of integrated power solutions could benefit your organisation call Alex Metclafe on 01462 44 00 33 email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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