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Socomec: Your Power – Always On

SOCOMEC TSEPower outages can occur even in the most reliable distribution networks – and the results can be catastrophic in mission critical applications, resulting in major incidents and crippling financial losses.

Whether during normal system operation, scheduled maintenance procedures or software upgrades, every Facilities Manager is tasked with ensuring that the power is always on.

The resilience of vital facilities - from emergency systems to healthcare, server rooms to production lines and mass transport infrastructure to telecommunications – is under increasing scrutiny. The ability to remain operational – even when there has been a power outage – can ensure the safety of people, whilst also guaranteeing the uninterrupted operation of revenue generating functions.

By maintaining power to emergency systems such as sprinklers, alarms, smoke extractors, lighting and equipment, the safety of persons using the facility is ensured; in an emergency situation, people are afforded crucial time to safely exit a building or site, injuries may be averted and lives may be saved.

By ensuring power to the systems and equipment that support income generation within an organisation, it is possible to protect the essentials that keep the business afloat such as servers, cash registers, industrial processes and even air conditioning. Whether associated with productivity losses, revenue losses or longer term customer attrition, the cost of recovering a system or the longer term impact of reputational damage, the total cost of downtime can impact the ability of a business to remain operational.

Unexpected events can be hugely detrimental to the new smart facility and its IOT devices – resulting in significant direct costs and consequential losses. When a typical server system can experience more than 125 events each month – prevention is most certainly preferable to cure.

Power - secured
Constant power availability – the proportion of time during which an electrical installation is operational and able to supply good quality power – keeps activity safe and efficient.

Industrial group, Socomec, invests around 10% of turnover each year to the ongoing research and development in order to guarantee the availability, control and safety of its customers’ low voltage electrical networks.

Driving a stream of innovation in this field – based upon proven technology – Socomec specifically engineers solutions to guarantee the performance of the new breed of electrical ecosystem.

Colin Dean, Managing Director, Socomec UK comments; “Offline is simply not an option; for any organisation. The consequences of downtime are far reaching and can impact public safety, as well as business continuity. We work closely with our partners across all critical applications to guarantee high performance power supplies to achieve maximum operational uptime – as well as delivering a fast return on investment.”

Proven in the field
Socomec’s Transfer Switching Equipment (TSE) is a hard working group of products – now in its fifth generation - that ensures power supply by safely transferring from the normal source to an alternate source. This TSE also guarantees power quality, as well as the on-site safety of people and equipment - ensuring tenants’ safety by meeting stringent building regulations for alternate electrical supplies to critical equipment.

Known for the design and manufacture of switching solutions, today more than 3 million low voltage installations around the world are using Socomec’s TSE, ranging from relatively basic to much higher levels of architecture for improved availability. This switching device that connects and disconnects a load circuit from one supply and connects it to another, can be operated manually, remotely or automatically. A static transfer switch range using SCR switching technology for no-break transfers is also available.

Colin Dean explains; “We have been designing, manufacturing and testing switchgear since 1922 which means that we are able to guarantee safe, reliable and long lasting Transfer Switching Equipment for the most demanding electrical installations. With 45,000 hours MTBF, Socomec’s TSE solutions deliver maximum reliability. We work with major global integrators to secure all types of electrical installation to ensure that their power is always on – and because we collaborate with our customers, our products evolve in line with their needs.”

The widest range in the market, the switches are adaptable to all installations, sources and loads. Whether Utility, Genset, PV, Battery or UPS, open or enclosed solutions - and whether AC / DC load - all Socomec solutions are fully compliant with Class PC of IEC 60947-6-1, the international product standard for TSE, as well as specific UL and GB requirements.

Over 4000 product references currently serve more than 300 customers in 115 countries around the world – and the range continues to grow. With such breadth on offer, choosing the right TSE for a specific application can feel like a complex decision.

How to select the right TSE?
The primary consideration in selecting TSE is the criticality of the application – the extent of the damage that would be caused if power to the load were to be interrupted, whether in terms of safety or revenues.

In parallel, it is also vital to consider the sensitivity of the load – how much time can the load be switched off for, or, the maximum allowable time in which to transfer the load.

Solutions are available today that combine unique safety features with reliable performance, that are purpose built and tested for safe operation and with remote monitoring capability.

Socomec’s range of TSE includes all-in-one solutions – avoiding assembly issues – with manual operation possible under load. Furthermore, mechanical interlock provides guaranteed isolation between sources, with padlocking for safe maintenance operations. Alarms and event recording and continuous product availability information ensure that the system operates optimally throughout its life.

Colin Dean comments; “At Socomec, we guarantee compliance to the latest standards – as well as electrical performance. Many of our customers derive great benefit from the fact that they are working with the original manufacturer, and that our products are factory assembled and tested by us – and are based on our own, proven technology.

“Once in the field, the specific functionality of the products means that they are incredibly easy to use and maintain as well as being reliable and long-lasting, for the ultimate peace of mind throughout the supply chain.”

Power always on – throughout the product lifecycle
Equipped for the smart facilities of today – and tomorrow – Socomec’s product developments help reduce installation costs and improve performance levels, securing power and making energy management simple across critical applications.

Colin Dean continues; “We ensure that the performance of our equipment – and the wider low voltage electrical installation – is optimised throughout its lifecycle by combining the benefits of global scale with local service. With commissioning, periodic inspection and training from our 400 dedicated experts, our customers are safe in the knowledge that, if required, specialist help is never far away.”


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