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Power Continuity Ltd Chooses SOCOMEC As Strategic Partner For Their World Leading Global Automotive Client

socomec solutionsPower Continuity Ltd design builds & installs world class fully automatic critical power protection systems.

When Power Continuity required a maximum efficiency Static Switch with the most reliable track record in the industry for their major Global Automotive Clients, they looked long and hard at the STS options available in 2018 from a number of manufacturers.

Power Continuity Ltd clients’ requirement was for multiple STS configurations with the proviso that ‘failure was not an option’. Following extensive tests, Power Continuity Ltd chose Socomec STATYS transfer systems.

John East, Project Director of Power Continuity Ltd comments; “Socomec STATYS transfer systems were chosen for their reliability and rapid transfer times. Together with the excellent level of enterprise shown by the Socomec engineers, we knew that we were working with the best in the STS industry. This for us was a ‘no brainer’ it had to be Socomec Static Switches for our prestigious Power Continuity Clients. I certainly would single out for their dedication both Neil Roberts and Anne Springer with whom we worked together some days 24/7 to reach our goal”

Power Continuity Ltd, with their expertise in the design, build and installation of automatic power protection systems, protect some of the best known organisations in the UK. From multinational and national corporations to smaller companies with a single location, Power Continuity guarantees the performance of mission critical operations across the private and public sector.

Socomec has been selected to supply its STATYS transfer systems, providing the latest switching technology to increase overall availability of the system during abnormal events and programmed maintenance. Socomec’s STATYS technology allows for plant segmentation and intelligent fault maintenance, therefore increasing the global uptime of the supplied system.

Colin Dean, Managing Director of Socomec comments; “Socomec has developed a range of low voltage switching components and protection systems to guarantee power availability in critical applications. We invest heavily in pioneering research and product design in order to deliver reliable, cost-effective power solutions which can be scaled to meet rapidly changing capacity demands. By working in partnership with design, build and installation experts, Power Continuity Ltd, we have delivered the optimum solution for this high profile manufacturing brand in terms of maintaining critical loads whilst guaranteeing business continuity.”

Socomec’s Static Transfer Switches (STS) transfer critical loads from one source to another, enhancing power availability whilst simplifying the electrical architecture. Supplied by two independent sources, STATYS provides redundant power to mission critical loads, increasing the power supply availability by selecting the best quality power supply and preventing fault propagation.

These intelligent switching units transfer the load to an alternative source when the primary source is out of tolerance – ensuring high availability of the power supply for particularly sensitive or critical installations.

The project with this leading Power Continuity Client included the installation of 9 x 200A STATYS cabinet version units for global critical IT loads and 1 x 800A STATYS cabinet version for mechanical loads. In the event of a power failure, Socomec’s STS transfers the load from “preferred” to “alternative” source in typically 3-5mS. Using Silicon Controlled Rectifiers (SCRs) – fast acting switching devices – the switching is carried out under processor control. With inbuilt component redundancy (power supplies, micro controllers and SCR driver boards) reliable operation is guaranteed.

Available with either 3 or 4 pole switching to match the neutral and earth of the installation, the ATSM transfer function manages switching to limit inrush current, therefore avoiding the risk of spurious breaks when supplying downstream transformers.

John East, Project Director, Power Continuity further commented; “Offline is simply not an option for our customers. The consequences of downtime are significant and can impact public safety, as well as business continuity. We work closely with a wide range of organisations across all critical applications to guarantee high performance power supplies which achieve maximum operational uptime – safely and reliably - as well as delivering a fast return on investment. When specifying the equipment for this prestigious project, we needed a partner with real breadth in terms of credentials and experience – and a reputation for excellence. We design and Install using our own highly experienced engineers to provide the absolute best power protection installations.
For that reason Power Continuity ltd only partner with the best. To be the best, we partner with the best”.

Global power management expert, Socomec, is driving a stream of innovation in the field – specifically engineered to guarantee the performance of the new electrical ecosystem.

Colin Dean, Managing Director of Socomec UK explains; “Business continuity, reliability and optimised efficiency are key drivers of competitiveness – in an increasingly market. Every single component within an electrical infrastructure needs to deliver unprecedented performance. Furthermore, we expect the latest innovations to seamlessly integrate into an existing architecture, whilst being robust and flexible enough to cope with an evolving environment.”


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